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A Presentation of the Spectrum on App Development Options for SharePoint 2013, Part Two

This post is the second on a video tutorial authored by Steve Fox, Director of Services at Microsoft®. The title of Steve Fox’s video tutorial is SharePoint 2013 Developer Tools: When to Use What?. This video is available for unlimited viewing by anyone with a subscription to SharePoint-Videos.com.

Further on the Browser Development Option theme, Steve demonstrates how Central Administration, and Site and Site Collection administration screens in SharePoint 2013 are all examples of browser development options, this time with even more power than the branding example he provides at the start of this video tutorial.

Keeping with the structure of this video as a presentation of the spectrum of development options available to SharePoint 2013 app developers, Steve then shows a custom site he maintains where custom code can be embedded in the page as a web part through the browser. This is a very good example of the “crossroads” where browser development options and managed code options intersect.

Please note, the code Steve adds to the site is the “Bing Map” code, meaning a tested, secure snippet, complete with a developer’s SDK. Original scripts and applications should be tested and approved before any opportunity to add them to sites is pursued.

Steve also presents “Napa” in this video. I wasn’t familiar with “Napa” before Steve presented it. Briefly, “Napa” empowers appp developers to build apps from the browser, without having to write JavaScript. Steve refers to this “canned” JavaScript as scaffolding, which is an apt way of referring to the foundation on which SharePoint power users, and other users not looking to dive into code, can build their own apps.

Steve also presents some managed code options later in this video, built with Visual Studio. Anyone looking to explore the range of development methods available to build SharePoint 2013 apps will likely get some value from a look at this video.

Ira Michael Blonder

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