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SharePoint 2010 Video Tutorials Add Substantial Value to the Usefulness of Staff Resources

As noted on the website of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, “Applications of computer and communications technologies are facilitated through software. The development of software is notoriously labor-intensive, and this often is a limitation for new opportunities.” The remedy generally applied to cure this ill is to offshore the software development project, either directly, meaning company to development team, or indirectly, meaning company to intermediary and then to the offshore development team. An illustration of the latter scenario is a global business that opts to outsource software development to a large services provider, for example IBM, who, in turn turns to offshore development teams to execute the work. Assessing success or failure rates for this type of endeavor is a controversial subject. For our purposes here, let it suffice to say that the usefulness of this remedy is questionable, at best.

We think that there are specific opportunities to utilize IT or MIS staff to produce project objectives, especially where project objectives fall within the realm of capability for SharePoint. Looking to internal resources for project development makes complete sense. Further deepening staff engagement in business process development includes numerous benefits, not the least of which is the potential of largely paying for software development with precious business dollars already allocated for staff salaries. Further, allocating human resources in this manner lends a “good citizen” tone to global businesses who thereby retain staff saving communities from potentially disruptive activities that accompany layoffs, etc.

So how does a global business bridge the gap to arrive in a promised land where existing human resources carry the ball on software development? The first step is to define those projects within the reach of internal staff and present day IT infrastructure. The second step is to equip staff with the technical instruction they required to successfully develop the project. Once again, if the decision has been made to build the project with SharePoint, then a corporate subscription for developers to our SharePoint-Videos SharePoint 2010 Tutorials makes total sense.

Once the project scope has been clearly defined and the determination has been made that the development can be done with SharePoint, the unique features of video SharePoint tutorials–their “repeatability” as content resources available on demand alongside the workspace–can be tapped to deliver substantial benefit.

If you are looking to approach software project development with existing resources on SharePoint, then we can assist you making the determination as to what SharePoint 2010 video tutorials can deliver for specific, relevant staff development goals. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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