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Setting Up SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application for SharePoint Server 2013

Our set of video tutorials on SharePoint 2013: Business Intelligence would not be complete without a presentation of what’s new about Reporting Services for this latest server. Jason Himmelstein starts his presentation on this topic with a video tutorial titled Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013 Part 1. This video is the first in 4 tutorials on this topic in this set and is appropriate for an audience of SharePoint administrators.

Jason continues to demonstrate how to use Power Shell to configure and administer the BI services discussed in this set. So he demonstrates how to set up Reporting Services for SharePoint 2013 with Power Shell in this video.

The rationale for this approach, as he expresses it in this video, is the difficulty of setting up the service from Central Administration. “When you install your SharePoint 2013 farm and say ‘I’m ready to deploy out Reporting Services’, when you come into Central Administration, you’re going to come here to new [he moves the mouse cursor over the drop down menu under the “New” tab on the far left of the screen] you’re going to look for this guy [points to ‘SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application’] and NOT FIND HIM.” The reason this option is not included in the list is the difference in timing between the release of SharePoint Server 2013 and SQL Server 2012, SP1. SSRS, as Jason goes on to explain, despite being a service application, is “not installed by default”.

So Jason demonstrates in the rest of this video how to use Power Shell to install this service, as the “only way to get them going”. Administrators should like this video as Jason presents a function he wrote with the Power Shell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) to get the job done. The function, in the script he wrote, takes care of all of the interactive communication required with the server to get SSRS up and running.

Ira Michael Blonder

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