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Securing SharePoint is a Mission Critical Procedure Regardless of the Size of your SharePoint Farm

On June 18, 2012, Kane Lightowler, Regional Director for Imperva Australia and New Zealand published an article on the Australian edition of the Voice and Data Web Site, Five tips for securing SharePoint data. As Mr. Lightowler notes in this article, “[t]hese five best practices can help your organisation get the most out of SharePoint’s existing permissions system and fill some of SharePoint’s security gaps.” We were particularly pleased when we read another of his points, specifically his position that “[w]hen organisations begin to leverage SharePoint as a core business system, the importance of securing SharePoint data and applications comes into focus.” Very early on in this blog we wrote several posts on the topic of building mission critical applications on SharePoint. Mr. Lightowler’s admonishment to tighten up on security, as he lets us know, comes specifically into play once a SharePoint implementation has, in fact, become “mission critical” (in other words, a “core business system”).

We offer 9 video tutorials on SharePoint Security. Two of these speak specifically to SharePoint Groups, which Mr. Lightowler points out is a feature included in a technical paper from Microsoft, itself, “Security and protection for SharePoint Server 2010″. He notes that this Microsoft Technical Paper points out that SharePoint Administrators can ” . . .manage permissions by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 groups, which control membership, and fine-grained permissions, which help to secure content at the item and document level.”

With regard to SharePoint Access Control Lists, we speak to these in a video tutorial on Managing List and Library Views.

Finally, several of the video tutorials included in our 9 video set on SharePoint security speak to permissions, including permissions management.

Anyone with a subscription to unlimited access to all of our tutorial content on SharePoint has access to any of the video tutorials just mentioned. We offer subscriptions for individuals as well as for groups of users. Some of the content is also available on DVD media. We sell video tutorials on DVD for either individual or enterprise group access. All of the pricing for unlimited subscriptions to our web site content, or our DVD product is included on our web site.

Most any organization with a tight governance structure for SharePoint as a mission critical application must have a strong security policy and a training mechanism to educate SharePoint users, at all levels, across an organization as to how best incorporate security policy into daily business operation. If you are grappling with how best to build your training mechanism, please do not hesitate to contact us as we welcome opportunities to discuss such plans.

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