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Revisiting the Need for High Levels of User Adoption for SharePoint 2010 as a Critical Component fo SharePoint Success

With training content like our SharePoint-Videos dot com set of video training for Access Services for SharePoint it is worth taking a post to reflect back on one of the foundations of this blog, which is the importance of encouraging high levels of user adoption for SharePoint, together with the unique added value that can be delivered to the effort with the inclusion of video tutorial content for this computing platform.

Regardless of whether an organization is making use of SharePoint with on premises servers, or is availing of SharePoint Online, the platform is generally acknowledged as the most fully functional offer of its kind. We have written extensively over the last six months on the various tutorial sets that we offer on SharePoint-Videos.com. In sum, the contribution that each of these capabilities, which range from Business Connectivity Services (BCS), to building workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010, or forms (or workflows) with InfoPath 2010, or applications built with Excel and/or Access Services is very promising and quite rich in value. The gap, of course, is how to motivate teams of users to avail of these capabilities in a productive manner.

We have come to a conclusion that there is a justification for packaging training content like our video tutorials within a custom “wrapper” that effectively localizes the content for a specific organization. In fact, we think that for most organizations enclosing powerful, informative training content like our video sets in a custom wrapper that speaks to organization specifics makes lots of sense. Substantial additional value can be realized by adding this additional, “local” look and feel to training content. Of most importance, adding a local wrapper to training content makes SharePoint a more compelling computer platform, one that is much more accessible than is the case when training content is either not included, or not included in a manner that is familiar to users at a specific organization.

Therefore, we are quite confident that the task of localizing training content is worth the effort. Further, including users within the planning team for implementing content like ours in a familiar manner for an organization, by itself, will also drive more adoption of SharePoint by users who will assume the role of a stakeholder in the success of the platform. If you would like to discuss your organization and its unique needs for SharePoint, then please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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