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On the Importance of Best Practices to Successful SharePoint Implementations

The front page of SharePoint-Videos.com has been recently updated to include an important new image — a picture titled “Experts”, which depicts som of the experts who have authored video tutorial content offered on the site. This image should be a welcome addition for SharePoint stakeholders.

A crucial component of any successful implementation of SharePoint is efficiency. Efficiency, in turn, requires a methodology built on best practices. The experts portrayed on the front page of our web site are, across the board, widely acknowledged subject matter experts who have either created some SharePoint best practices, or demonstrated their ability to successfully implement them. Many, if not all of these individuals are also published authors on technical topics specific to SharePoint, MVPs, and/or widely known speakers on relevant topics to the classes they’ve led for us.

A familiar objection to the need to adhere to industry best practices is based on cost. Most of the time the argument goes like this (using the example of building out the Term Store to provde end users with an optimized SharePoint Search feature): “I’d like to have us go through the process of creating a custom taxonomy for our organization, and then add all of the terms and term sets to the Term Store, but we haven’t got anyone on staff with the right experience set and bringing in an outside consultant will be too costly”.

What if the expertise required to successfully implement both of these high value SharePoint components could be transferred to a team of administrators, developers, and architects already in place at your organization for a one time fixed cost, or, alternatively a one year subscription to a very rich set of content including all of the training required for these two components and a lot more? The fact is video training content for SharePoint, authored by the kind of acknowledged subject matter experts we choose from to put together our course authors, can be successfully used in this manner. If you’d like to learn more about how, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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