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Restricting Access to SharePoint Designer 2010

In a video tutorial that is available to the general public on SharePoint-Videos, Restricting SharePoint Designer Usage, Asif Rehmani demonstrates how to gracefully restrict access to SharePoint Designer 2010. This video tutorial is included in our SP201 – SharePoint Designer 2010: Create No-Code Solutions curriculum. Individuals and groups who have subscribed to our website training content for SharePoint may access any of the courses in this curriculum. As well, this curriculum can be purchased on a DVD for local usage, either by an individual, or by an enterprise. Separate charges will apply to either of these methods of purchasing our training content.

The appropriate audience for this video are SharePoint Administrators and Site Collection Administrators. In “Restricting SharePoint Designer Usage” we demonstrate how administrators can utilize classes of users (“site members” and “site designers”) to grant either contribute or design privileges as appropriate across a community of users. Individuals with contribute privileges will not be able to open sites within SharePoint Designer 2010. On the other hand, individuals with design privileges will be able to open sites in SharePoint Designer, but will not have the capabilities of administrators; for example, designers will not be able to work with Master Pages whereas administrators will have this capability. Neither will designers be able to call up all site files. Access to all site files will still be restricted to administrators. Finally, and of most importance, any editing of specific pages by users with design privileges will be limited to the capabilities of “normal mode” editing, whereas the ability to edit pages in “advanced mode” will be restricted to administrators, only.

Our video tutorial also includes important information about the range of permissions that administrators can consider for specific groups of users for SharePoint Designer 2010. We demonstrate how site collection administrators as well as SharePoint administrators can carefully modify user privileges as required, once these administrators are fully aware of the specific capabilities that groups of users will have when they are granted specific privileges. In fact, our demonstration clarifies some of the obtuse phraseology that is included on the permissions dashboard for these settings; for example, we explain that administrators who opt to check the box for the “Enable Detaching Pages from the Site Definition” permission will actually permit respective groups of users to access the “advanced mode” editor which they will then be able to use to create unique site pages that may differ dramatically from the rest of a site. Of course, this type of information should be very useful to administrators who strive to follow best practices by aligning their policies with sound security principles.

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