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Promoted Links is a SharePoint 2013 App that Allows Teams to Collaborate Better on Shared Tasks

In a video tutorial entitled Display important links graphically using Promoted Links web part, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT demonstrates how to work with a new web part that ships with SharePoint 2013, the Promoted Links App.

After we spent, literally, the better part of an hour simply searching for some information that would educate us as to why business users ought to think about implementing this App for SharePoint 2013, we thought it would be helpful to other readers with a similar interest to read about what we found. In fact, we found an article on Nothing but SharePoint, authored by Chris Grist, a SharePoint architect at Beach Energy, SharePoint 2013: New List Promoted Links.

Chris’ article is the only resource we could find that speaks, somewhat, to the likely interest that business users will have as they consider whether or not it makes sense to implement this web part within an implementation of SharePoint 2013. As one can see from the images that Chris has been good enough to provide for the reader in this article, the Promoted Links web part allows business users to present common tasks in the form of page links. With this web part, a task list, complete with a graphical calendar, can be published on SharePoint team site pages, ostensibly as a means of better informing each member of a team working on common tasks as to due dates, attached materials (meaning documents) and other items that need to be processed in the context of completing a task. This promoted links web part can even be used to pull information into SharePoint 2013 from external sources, much in the same manner that an RSS feed will deliver short summary information, and even images, to all feed subscribers.

Of course, business users will have to subjectively decide whether or not this web part will deliver any value to their team efforts. Of course, business users looking at SharePoint 2013 as a method of enhancing collaboration between personnel and even business units will want to take a look at this web part. IT organizations looking to provide business users with as much information as they can about the features of SharePoint 2013 will likely want to include some mention of this App in any presentation of the features of SharePoint 2013 that best support team efforts and collaboration.

In the next post to this blog we will provide some commentary on the training video that Asif Rehmani has produced on how to work with this SharePoint 2013 App.

Ira Michael Blonder

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