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One size fits all versus a custom fit — What’s the Best Choice for Video Tutorials on SharePoint 2010 Administration?

We recently had an opportunity to review Microsoft MSDEV’s video tutorials on SharePoint Administration. While we applaud the inclusion of computer screen recordings with an expert audio track in this video, we think that the free-ranging presentation of information, together with a lack of focus on specific aspects of SharePoint 2010 administration render the training value of this content to be low for an average user.

In contrast, our video tutorial on setting up Site Collection Administrators for SharePoint Server 2010 is entirely specific to no more or less than a depiction of precisely the computer steps required to add Site Collection Administrators for Site Collections.

We think that it is absolutely essential that a video tutorial such as this one be completely focused on no more than one topic. Further, the bulk of the recording ought to be entirely composed of recordings of the computer procedures required to accomplish the task of adding this class of users. The audio track should be carefully scripted to simply provide a spoken word explanation of the computer procedures undertaken to get the task done. You will note, however that we do take the time to explain the ramifications of adding a Site Collection Administrator in order to provide the viewer with ample warning of the impact of adding administrators at this level. In a sense training would not be complete should caveats and warnings fail to be included in the content.

Of course, lack of clarity of focus also diminishes the usefulness of content repetition for the user. Simply consider that users who have to navigate within tutorial videos to locate the content they need, may fail to find the content. A failure like losing content within a training video that is actually too long and wide ranging to be useful is unfortunate as it undermines the strongest features of video tutorials — access on demand and within the work context whenever needs arise. If users have to stop work and drop everything to find training content then productivity suffers.

If your objective is to provision readily accessible training content for SharePoint to end users, then you ought to consider short video tutorial content that may cover a complex set of topics through a complete set of short tutorial videos with a dedicated video for each topic. We would be happy to cite some success stories that we have recently compiled from the experiences of our customers, first hand, with our content.

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