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If SharePoint is Implemented On Premises, It Makes Sense for SharePoint Users to Consume Training Content On Premises, As Well

There is considerable rationale in 2014, with what seems to be an ever-increasing volume of data breaches of ever more prominent web sites, for an organization to opt for a strictly on premises implementation of SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013. Once this decision is made, it makes sense to choose a strictly on premises training method for SharePoint users. SharePoint-Videos offers solutions for this type of requirement. We offer three solutions directly targeted to the needs of organizations implementing SharePoint on premises:

More information can be found about these three solutions via a click on the Business tab on our web site.

An added benefit of maintaining a policy of implementing only on premises solutions is the opportunity it affords for SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013 stakeholders to make sure users are exposed to the right set of training content. The Internet is filled with a lot of training content on SharePoint. Much of this content communicates correct methods of accomplishing computing procedures. But some of this content fails to this test. When users are taught wrong methods of accomplishing tasks in a computing platform like SharePoint on premises, then the burden on support teams is dramatically increased. At the same time, the users who identified the wrong training content, and then proceeded to try to use it, are also disappointed. After all, with IT involved, the timeline for meeting an objective may have to be substantially re written. Worse yet, if procedures were followed which resulted in mistakes requiring remediation by the same support personnel charged with training the responsible users, then the price tag for a fix has to be factored into the overall maintenance cost for SharePoint.

Our solutions, regardless of whether we are speaking about our end user training sets, Corporate DVDs, or our help system for SharePoint, VisualSP, are all led by widely acknowledged subject matter experts in their fields. Several of our course leaders are on staff at Microsoft. Many others are SharePoint MVPs. So any organization striving to ensure their community of SharePoint users benefits from the right training methods can be confident a decision to purchase one of our offers will meet their requirements completely.

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