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On Newsfeeds Features in SharePoint 2013

Newsfeeds in SharePoint 2013 have been enhanced. The site newsfeed feature is easier to use, which improves its suitability as a useful feature to drive SharePoint adoption. For example, the site newsfeed is searchable; therefore, it makes sense for members of a team site to post questions to one another via the site newsfeed, rather than opting to send an email message, or discussing the topic over a chat.

With SharePoint 2013, it is now possible to follow documents, or items in a list, as well as other SharePoint users. So document stakeholders can monitor information usage to ensure other users, working with specific documents, are complying with organizational guidelines.

The site newsfeed feature can be programmed to alert users following people, or topics as replies are received to activity updates, or documents are checked out, or into document libraries.

Each of these topics is touched upon by Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP, and published author in a video tutorial titled Enterprise Social Capabilities. This video is available for viewing by any subscriber to our web site. The video is also included in a set titled SP13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management, which is available for individual use, or for enterprise viewing.

As a preface to the enterprise social features presentation, Dux includes a definition of “enterprise social” as published by Gartner, Inc. This definition successfully differentiates the set of collaborative activities between members of a team site, which lend themselves to the term “enterprise social”, from the personal social features of, say, facebook.

There is also a My Sites newsfeed in SharePoint 2013. This newsfeed includes the features we have mentioned in the first two paragraphs of this post. Following douments through one’s personal newsfeed makes more sense than setting up specific documents for activity monitoring for an entire team site through a site newsfeed.

The personal My Sites newsfeed can also be used to monitor the newsfeeds of other members of a team site. As well, a personal newsfeed can be used to monitor any/all personal mentions across the site.

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