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Working with the Quick Launch in SharePoint Online, Office 365 2013

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offers a set of video tutorials on the procedures required in SharePoint 2010 to build lists, add items to lists, and even to edit list items. These tutorials are included in The Basics: SharePoint End User Training for Readers, Members & Subsite Owners.

One of the tutorials in this set, “Working with the Quick Launch”, has been entirely updated in a separate video tutorial for SharePoint 2013 titled Managing Quick Launch Navigation in SharePoint 2013 Team Sites.

In this video, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT advises site owners to resist the temptation to add too many links to the Quick Launch. The purpose of the Quick Launch navigation feature is to provide groups of users with easy access to important information, as they require it. Not all information is of equal importance. It makes sense to carefully select the lists and libraries to be exposed to users of specific sites with this feature.

We also describe the “Recent” feature of the SharePoint 2013 Quick Launch in this video. New lists and libraries added to a SharePoint site will be automatically added to the Quick Launch by the “Recent” feature. But the addition of these links will be only temporarily. As new content becomes available for addition to the Quick Launch, the now older information will be removed. If a site owner would like to permanently add the once new information to the Quick Launch, a link will have to be added along with a description.

The renovated Quick Launch feature, together with the new Promoted Links feature of SharePoint 2013, provide site owners with a pair of tools to manage how information is exposed to users to ensure successful accomplishment of site objectives. The techniques demonstrated in our video on the Quick Launch for SharePoint 2013 are entirely consistent with a SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013 environment, with only one minor difference. In SharePoint Online, links can also be added, permanently, to the Quick Launch through a drag and drop process.

Ira Michael Blonder

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