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SharePoint Online Becomes More Useful for End Users when an In-Context On Demand Help System is Added to It

When I logged in, recently, to our SharePoint Online computing environment I noted something new. A rectangular shaped box popped up on the upper right hand corner of my computing screen, with an arrow pointing to the question mark character to be found at the end of the ribbon. The message in the box is simple and gets right to the point: “Need SharePoint Help? We’re trying something new. Click the help icon to get started.” Of course this new effort to actively inform SharePoint Online users about onboard help resources, and how to quickly access them, is a great move on Microsoft’s part. I clicked on a video offered from the help system landing page titled Add a link to a document to a newsfeed post and was pleasantly surprised to find a comparatively short presentation (1 minute, 50 seconds total length), heavy on the screen movements required to complete the task, and very light on the abstraction.

We take this emphasis a step further with our new VisualSP App for SharePoint Online. Our App is now available via the Office store. We provide access to any subscriber to our App to our set of 105 video tutorials for SharePoint 2013. This set is optimized for end users and takes the notion of serving consumers with, at best, tangential interest in SharePoint, with a no-abstraction, direct presentation of the required computing techniques to successfully accomplish their work, to the next level.

In keeping with the performance of our on premises VisualSP help system, the content is contextually served to the consumer. End users working with share document lists will be served with content specific to shared document libraries. In contrast to our on premise syste, the “Help Tab” is not available for the SharePoint Online ribbon. Consumers access our help system when, for example, they click on the “Library” tab as they work with shared document libraries.

If you would like further information on the VisualSP App for SharePoint Online, please let us know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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