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How to Add an App to a Site in SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013

Microsoft has heavily promoted the availability of apps for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013. But organizations subscribing to SharePoint Online will need to familiarize themselves with a specific method of adding apps to sites.

Do not try to add apps from the SharePoint Online Administrative Site, meaning https://”your domain”-admin.sharepoint.com/. Clicking on the “apps” button from the Quick Launch, and then “Purchase Apps” from the following screen will land users on a page of the SharePoint Store with the following message running across the width of the content panel of the SharePoint Store page in a yellow background:

“Sorry, this site does not support apps but you can still acquire them and add them to other sites”

The message does not inform the user of some important information. It is not possible to add apps directly to the SharePoint Administration page, presumably for security reasons. But site collection administrators can successfully add apps to specific SharePoint Online sites. We successfully added an app by first selecting a specific site collection from the SharePoint Administration page. Once we accessed the targeted site collection, we clicked on the gear symbol on the upper right of the web page, and then on the “add an app” button. From the “add an app” page we clicked on the “SharePoint Store” button on the Quick Launch. We could successfully add the app we were after from the following page. We verified the same accessibility from each site collection in our farm.

Be sure to have a microsoft account handy other than your SharePoint Online account. We tried logging in to download our VisualSP, but were not successful. We logged in fine with another Microsoft ID.

Once we logged in and purchased our app (VisualSP for SharePoint Online Office 365, 2013 is a free BETA app with a substantially reduced set of capabilities), SharePoint Online added the app to our company apps library. From the library we were able to add it to site pages.

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