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Lots of interest in OneDrive for Business at Office 365 Summit, New York

At the Office 365 Summit in New York City, a lot of the discussion in the Adoption track focused on learning more about OneDrive for Business. Cynthia Wade, the leader of the track spent a lot of time fielding topics on OneDrive for Business. From the level of interest her audience exhibited in the topic, OneDrive for Business likely represents the primary basis for user interaction with Office 365 for most larger organizations in the fall of 2014.

The reliability of any estimate of how users are actually consuming Microsoft’s Office cloud, SaaS offer was reinforced by a set of comments from Cynthia’s audience on how best to roll out this new computing platform. A majority of the audience affirmed the notion of using pilot efforts to carefully roll out the Office 365 computing platform across their organizations.

If organizations are slowly rolling out this computing platform one shouldn’t infer any lack of interest from this pace. This even was very well attended. This writer noted a cross section of Microsft partners, SMBs and even larger organizations in attendance. We attended the adoption track, but we need to note two other tracks were running at the same time. One of the tracks spoke to development, while the other was dedicated to sales and MEC.

Although we didn’t choose to attend the developer track, we can say the way the new set of Office 365 APIs was presented in the morning’s Keynote was worth a comment. The availability of these APIs affords Microsoft an opportunity to transform an otherwise defensive position on the question of the depth of apps for its cloud and mobile devices into a big opportunity. Now any App developer for any platform can simply plug in these APIs to literally drop Office 365 in.

We expect Microsoft will add further clarity on just what the benefits of adding Office 365 to apps is likely to mean. By feeding each segment of the range of Office 365 consumers portions of big benefits, it’s probably a reasonable assumption the platform will be a topic of major interest for the foreseeable future.

Ira Michael Blonder

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