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Microsoft Project Pro is now available as an Office 365 subscription based client tool

This a third and final post to this blog on the first of several webcasts published from presentations held at Microsoft’s Tech Ed Europe 2014 event, which was held in late October 2014.

The ultimate method of managing projects, per Raphael Ax and Alexandra Ciortea, two Microsoft Field Engineers leading this presentation, is to use Microsoft Project Pro. As of 2014, Ciortea explains, this tool is available as an add on subscription to Office 365.

Ciortea notes an advantage of using Project Pro via Office 365 is ensuring clients are up to date on any updates to the application. With Office 365, she explains, the updates are automatic.

Ciortea’s presentation will also lend itself to exposure via the VisualSP Help System, but this time via our VisualSP app for Office 365. A reason for this recommendation is her demonstration of how to migrate the data Raphael Ax exported from an Excel Spreadsheet into an out-of-the-box Task List for a SharePoint 2013 team site, from SharePoint into Project pro. Once the data from the SharePoint Task List has been imported into Project Pro, the data will be synchronized between the two tools (SharePoint 2013 and Project Pro).

Ciortea explains a reason to use Project Pro, rather than SharePoint to manage projects is to be able to take control and to audit “the activity and the changes to the tasks recorded on the SharePoint 2013 Task List. In the SharePoint instance, anybody can go into the Task List and mark a milestone as completed. But there is no way, without Project Pro Plus, to manage roles and ensure approvals for tasks claimed to be completed are, in fact, in place.

The rest of the presentation is specific to Project Pro and highly granular. So any organization implementing Office 365, with an important commitment to standardizing just how projects are executed, internally, should consider adding a subscription to Project Pro.

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