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Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 is presented at Tech Ed Europe 2014

The voluminous set of webcasts published from Microsoft’s Tech Ed Europe 2014 event includes a number on Microsoft Project and Office 365. So Office 365 stakeholders with an interest in tying together a project management platform like Microsoft Project with Office 365 will probably want to spend sometime sampling the content.

One of the webcasts, the chronological first of the series on Project, titled Efficient Planning, Reporting and Decision Making with Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 is led by Raphael Ax and Alexandra Ciortea, two field engineers at Microsoft EMEA. Alexandra Ciortea is based in Romania.

SharePoint-Videos has released two sets of specialized content on Microsoft Project and SharePoint. Both of these sets are led by Dux Raymond Sy. The titles of these sets are:

As Raphael Ax reviews the likely rationale for organizations to implement a solution like Microsoft Project Pro (short for Professional) to manage implementation objectives, he touches on a number of the same points Dux presents in his sets of training content.

The point likely to stimulate keen interest amongst project management stakeholders is how a tool like Project Pro helps
minimize the information loss endemic to the typical approach to project management by teams. In this scenario, as Ax notes, ostensibly important information can be stored anywhere, even on pieces of paper on somebody’s desk.

A related problem is versioning. If, as per the example he provides in the presentation, important information is collected into Excel spreadsheets, just whose spreadsheet is the authoritative one? Which version is the latest and most accurate?

Implementing Project Pro along with a governance plan as to who owns what component of the project and the associated information can solve the issue.

In a series of “How tos” (for example, Ax asks of a Gantt Chart produced from one of the Excel spreadsheets he includes in his presentation, “How would you share this with your manager, and other collaborators?”) Ax sets his audiences expectations for the introduction of Office 365, and SharePoint into his solution.

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