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Champions of efforts to hasten user adoption of Office 365 computing will like the Adoption section of Microsoft’s new Office 365 Customer Success Center

In this third blog post on the topic of a new web site hosted by Microsoft titled Office 365 Customer Success Center the writer provides a description of the “Adoption” section of the web site. The first post on this topic provided an overview of the site along with a bit about how the public debut coincided with Microsoft’s Office 365 Summit World Tour. The second post explored site content accessible via links on the front page of each of 5 “Scenarios” for implementing Office 365. All 5 are included in one of the tabs on the horizontal navigation for the site titled “Scenarios”. The topic of this post, Adoption, is accessible via a click on another tab on this same horizontal navigation bar.


All of the site content is likely to be very useful within the context of a campaign to hasten user adoption of Office 365 computing. But the content exposed on the tab devoted to “Adoption” appears to be pointed towards the stakeholders, themselves. If our writer is correct in this assumption, then we are very comfortable giving a “thumbs up” to the notion of directing this section to stakeholders. The steps included on the tab are, in fact, arguably the correct steps stakeholders need to take to ensure their implementation and adoption plans are complete, and meet the criteria required to ensure a successful effort on this front.

By presenting each of the steps, Microsoft has gone a very long way towards providing a consistent (and, therefore, supportable) framework for structuring Office 365 adoption programs across a very wide range of organizations. Without a framework, one can argue, mounting an effort to promote user adoption, and to ease the on boarding process for personnel from a very diverse set of organizational cultures, would be comparatively very hard to support and not likely to promise success. So we think this section is a “must read” for any of our readers seriously considering an implementation of Office 365.

Once again, the supporting resources are particularly useful. Each of them is fully editable, so customizing otherwise very professionally crafted communications should be very simple, not to mention a low cost endeavor. The Adoption Resources page is chock full of content, once again, likely to be highly useful as stakeholders start to grapple with the task of hastening users to adopt Office 365 computing.

VisualSP, from SharePoint-Videos, has been designed precisely to deliver substantial benefits to adoption campaigns for SharePoint Online, Office 365 (in the form of an App available from the Office store). So we are particularly keen on efforts like the “Adoption” section of Microsoft’s Office 365 Customer Success Center.

In the final post on this series we’ll take a look at how Yammer has been plugged into this effort as the backbone of the “Communities” section of the site.

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