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On Browsing User Profiles, and Managing Storage Quotas in SharePoint Online, Office 365

SharePoint Online is just another version of Sharepoint, which means most users will require a detailed set of “how tos”, in order to extract optimum value from an investment in a business subscription to this online service. Take, for example, the “User Profiles” service. The best method of quickly finding users, for anyone administering a SharePoint Online subscription, is to enter the email address for a user in the “Find Profiles” form box. Since the same user may have more than one user profile, simply adding a user’s name to the query box will not produce the same useful results.

The counter-intuitive flavor to SharePoint Online administrative controls doesn’t end with this service. Consider the process of determining to whom service licenses have been assigned within a community of users. This information is to be found under “Office 365” administration, and, then, “Users and Groups”. As users are selected, subscription administrators will want to ignore the information to the right of the following screen (“0 of 1 Licenses Available” appears on this page for our Office 365 subscription) and pay attention, instead, to the left side list of check boxes, to determine if a specific user profile includes a check next to a specific license in the list served. The user with a check in the box next to the license will be the one to whom the license is assigned.

SharePoint Online admins may also need to fine tune storage quotas for specific site collections. They can take care of this task by visiting “SharePoint” under the “Admin” tab on the right hand side of the administration ribbon in Office 365. On the following page, a list of all of the SharePoint Online site collections will be exposed. A list of admin controls appears at the top of this page, but the “Storage Quota” control will, in all likelihood, be greyed out. A mouse hover over this greyed out control reveals the control is “currently disabled.” A click on the hot link below the name of a specific site collection doesn’t change the condition of the control. It will remain greyed out. But once the check box to the left of the name of a site collection has been selected, the control changes state, and will now be active and available for an admin to adjust, as required.

Over time SharePoint-Videos will add this type of training information, for SharePoint Online, in video format. Please contact us if you would like to receive notice of the availability of training content specific to administering a SharePoint Online, Office 365 subscription.

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