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Adding a New Document Library to SharePoint Online, Office 365

Keeping in mind that lists and libraries are called “Apps” in SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013, the process of creating a new document library is straightforward. From the team site page for our site collection we clicked on “Site Contents.” From “Site Contents” we clicked on “add an app”, and selected the first “Document Library” template.

A new feature is the “App Details” button. When we clicked on it we were served some documentation on Document Libraries in SharePoint Online. Some of the new capabilities included a mention of a capability to ” . . . sync your documents to your local computer for offline access”, ostensibly with SkyDrive. We clicked the hard-to-miss “ADD IT” button on the screen and proceeded to a screen where we were prompted for a name for our library.

But before we filled in the form, we clicked on “Advanced Options.” The following screen gave us an option to add a description for our library, to set versioning policy, and to set a default authoring template. The different authoring options included most of the Microsoft Office Pro suite of tools as well as some selections from the Office 97-2003 suite, including Excel Spreadsheet, Word Document or PowerPoint Presentation. An option was also offered to select a OneNote 2010 or 2013 template. Even an option to produce documents as web pages with SharePoint Designer, or to use web parts are included. We selected Microsoft Word 2013 as our preferred authoring template.

Once we finished our advanced option choices, we clicked to add our new library. After a minute the library screens launched. The “Library Settings” button still pops up on the right hand side of the ribbon, but is more prominently displayed in SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013. There is also an “Edit Library” button, which will fire up a local copy of SharePoint Designer 2013. In the next post to this blog we’ll start to compare our video tutorials on working with SharePoint 2010 Libraries with SharePoint Designer 2010 to the same procedures with SharePoint Designer 2013.

Ira Michael Blonder

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