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Office 365 SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics Make for a Winning Combination

Microsoft Office 365 has created an opportunity for small to medium businesses to embrace SharePoint. For monthly costs as low at $10 per user per month Office 365 users obtain SharePoint and, thereby, the ability to craft highly specialized applications that promise to deliver enormous value.

It should be noted that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also available via Office 365. The combination of Dynamics and SharePoint empower users with important tools for gathering business intelligence, managing customers and prospects and, generally, offering superior service to their own markets.

Rehmani Consulting Inc offers valuable instructional video tutorials for SharePoint–literally sets of recordings of computer procedures, including human audio narrative and text box transcripts entirely specific to SharePoint 2010– that can be exploited quickly, correctly and powerfully to extract gold from SharePoint Online.

It is important to understand that SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online are entirely comparable. Procedures for SharePoint 2010 out of the box will work for SharePoint Online. Utilizing video tutorials to master technical features constitutes a much faster path than training manuals or user guides. If business opportunities can be captured via a rapid implementation of SharePoint, then video tutorials are the best method of getting to the goal. Having a running instance of SharePoint Online adds the icing to this cake.

We are confident that Microsoft’s Office 365 offering, complete with SharePoint Online, has already expanded the horizontal “width” of the SharePoint user community in ways that promise to make this software useful for a wider range of applications than would be the case if markets had remained restricted to global businesses and other large organizations. Of course, recasting the market in this manner has also increased the likelihood that SharePoint will “stick”. Therefore, it is clearer now that ever that SharePoint is an application that certainly will be around, with a substantial footprint, over the next near term.

If you would like to utilize SharePoint as a method of delivering a core business application and now see the ability to act on your interest via Office 365 and SharePoint Online, then we would like to speak with you to let you know why training and, specifically, video tutorials on SharePoint, represents a sensible investment. We can show you how this SharePoint training will empower your team to deliver on your objective. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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