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Not all video training content for SharePoint is created the same

Certainly lots of video training is available online on SharePoint. The peculiar nature of pitfalls in the use of SharePoint is such that one must exercise great care to ensure that users receive correct instruction in required computer operating procedures for SharePoint. After all, performing a task incorrectly with SharePoint Designer 2010 can result in irrevocable damage to site Master Pages, as we recently heard from a contact at a large Oil and Gas exploration company.

Rehmani Consulting Inc is precisely the type of authoritative resource with regards to authoring video tutorial content for SharePoint that enterprise business prospects should be after. Simply perusing our Testimonials will provide interested parties with the opinions, first hand, of our customers with regards to the quality of our training.

A consistent theme throughout most of these testimonials is a very high rating for our training instructors. It is worth keeping in mind that our instructors provide the audio instructions that accompany the video recording of computer operations in each piece of our training content for SharePoint. Therefore, you can be sure that any subscription option that you might choose to purchase (including all of our group subscription options) will deliver video tutorial content produced by highly respected industry trainers for SharePoint.

Also please keep in mind that our trainers are, across the board, industry experts. Asif Rehmani who heads our company is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP. He has authored training content that Microsoft has published on MSDN and TechNet. Therefore, one can have complete confidence in the authenticity and correctness of all of the instructional content that we provide on our website and through our subscription offers.

There is little point in trying to make do with instructional content that fails to educate students in authorized procedures for computer tasks, especially when the computer tasks are required for Microsoft SharePoint. Further, there is comparably scant reason to implement “correct” approaches communicated by video tutorials that do not serve enterprise business objectives. We are speaking here with specific regard to whether or not SharePoint features should be hard coded, or effected through codeless development options. We think it makes the most sense to choose codeless development where ever possible. In fact, all of the development training content on our web site for SharePoint is built on codeless approaches. If you share our view, then you owe it to your company to look further into our content as a best option for training your developers in the right approach to implementing SharePoint for specific requirements.

Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion. We are always keen to learn topics of interest to you.

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