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Neudesic Pulse v2.1 Delivers Enhanced Collaboration to SharePoint

Neudesic Pulse v2.1 delivers a promising set of social features to SharePoint, including:

  • Native integration with UC (Unified Communications) platforms, including Microsoft® Lync Server 2010 and Client
  • Micro Blogging
  • Bridge
  • Connect with Experts
  • Mobility and
  • Native integration with SharePoint My Site

But the objectives here are pure business, very far removed from a FaceBook of Google+ skin for SharePoint.

Check out Neudesic’s superb Video Presentation of Pulse v2.1 Features. This strong piece of marketing communications stays strictly focused on business, illustrating the utility of each of the features of Pulse within the context of a “team collaboration, system integration and business integration” approach. Using a fictitious character, “Cathy Meyers”, who is a sales rep for a “leading healthcare company”, this 5 minute promotional video presents each of the features of the product strictly in terms of the benefit that the feature delivers to Cathy’s effort to make a sale. For example, Cathy uses the micro blogging feature to broadcast her needs for “customer intelligence” across all of the followers within her organization to make a maximum effort to “connect with an expert” who has the information that she needs.

For organizations connected with SharePoint, the effort to connect with an expert will utilize SharePoint 2010 People Search feature. Pulse will bring an additional tool into the effort, the Skills Based search capability inherent to UC systems like Lync Server 2010 to hasten identification of the expert that she’s after and to deliver her micro blog message across a variety of devices, including mobile phones.

Once our Cathy has found her expert and gotten the intelligence she’s after, Pulse affords her a mechanism to vet that intelligence: other followers can opt to vote up or down the information that has been provided by the expert. Cool. With native hooks to Microsoft Dynamics, the information Cathy finds is correlated to the customer record. Cathy creates keywords and even a group to expedite information retrieval as her sales effort progresses. Creating the group allows her to associate specific documents with the users included in her group, thereby exercising access control. Further, the Bridge feature of the product is useful to include prospects, customers, partners, etc within the discussion, while confining them to group collaboration only.

The strictly business packaging for this product is to be commended. Pulse’s Social features do not have the notorious “out there” flavor more commonly associated with other representations of collaborative capabilities that intrigue but fail to deliver for business objectives.

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