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Microsoft Virtual Academy Offers SharePoint Administrators Short Video Presentations Of Features of SharePoint Online and Management Options

In a two part Office Guide, Microsoft Virtual Academy Offers IT Pros (including SharePoint Administrators) a short overview of features of SharePoint Online and management options. The Office Guide is titled Office Guides: SharePoint Online Overview for IT Pros. The time required to watch the two modules in this guide is approximately 20 mins.

Some of the SharePoint Online features presented in the guide include:

  1. Yammer
  2. OneDrive for Business
  3. Branding Public-Facing SharePoint Sites
  4. Project Management features of SharePoint Online Team Sites
  5. Setting Permissions for External Users to View and Work with Content Stored in SharePoint Online (including a demonstration of Office Online Apps)
  6. Building SharePoint Management Shell Commands with Microsoft’s Online Windows PowerShell Command Builder
  7. eDiscovery
  8. Buiding SharePoint Forms with InfoPath Designer 2013

From the number of items in the list it should be clear to readers this Office Guide is packed with content. Nevertheless, the presentation is engaging. This engagement is achieved via an interactive viewer, which Microsoft opted to include to display the content. The viewer is built with Silverlight (shame the plan is to phase out this interactive development platform), and includes a combination of video and still presentation effects.

Points Worth Noting:

Module One: Discover Insights and Organize Information

The presentation demonstrates how documents tagged for following with Yammer can be tracked through OneDrive. Setting permissions for external users to access documents with, or without credentials is also demonstrated. The same methods are presented for permitting external users to also follow internal sites in SharePoint Online. A neat feature, in this writer’s estimation, is the presentation of how an external user can view a spreadsheet in Excel Online, entirely with a browser. We went on to test this feature with our own Samsung Galaxy Note Android tablet and completely verified these capabilities.

Module Two: Building Experiences and Managing IT

The second module in this Office Guide includes several demonstrations of the ease of branding SharePoint Online sites. A PowerPoint Deck is accessed through an embedded link in a site page, thereby exposing application-specific data to users, who can consume the content with no more than a browser.

This module also provides a brief view of how “IT Professionals” (no mention of Power Users/Citizen Developers) can use no-code methods to build complex processes for information inside, and/or outside a specific site collection. The example presented demonstrates how Business Connectivity Services (BCS) can be used to populate form fields with data surfaced from an external database (presumably SQL Server).

Overviews are also provided in this module of eDiscovery, Community Sites, and building commands for SharePoint Management Shell with Microsoft’s online Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint