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Managing SharePoint Server 2010 Includes Many Procedures Specific to Information Lists

SharePoint Server 2010 is all about information, typically data stored in document repositories within sub sites of the larger SharePoint 2010 farm. Lists provide an important tool for categorizing information and serving it to SharePoint users. Further, lists of information for SharePoint 2010 provide users with genuine opportunities to collaborate.

In order to create lists in a SharePoint 2010 Team Site, administrator privileges are required.

We offer 16 tutorial videos on the subject of working with lists in SharePoint 2010 and another 14 video tutorials on the subject of how one can work with lists in SharePoint 2007.

The topics covered for SharePoint 2010 range from building Team Discussion Boards to working with columns for lists (an important aspect of managing the relevance of SharePoint search) to, finally, working with lists and libraries of information. With regard to the latter, we emphasize the importance of building appropriate views of data much as one would build views for database information with SQL and instruct the user how to set up a desired view correctly with the List tab on the SharePoint 2010 ribbon. It should be emphasized that the SharePoint 2010 ribbon takes “some getting used to;” therefore, our video tutorial is that much more useful in that we show the specific ribbon operations required to create a list view of data from scratch.

In the course of conveying this training content users should also glean how SharePoint Server 2010 with Excel Services makes working with Excel data that much easier. For example, establishing a list view that incorporates primary and dependent sorts as well as filters is portrayed as entirely “doable” with SharePoint Server 2010.

Of course, columns and their relationship to SharePoint lists and libraries is a very important aspect of rendering SharePoint search into a useful tool that consistently produces relevant results. Of our 16 video tutorials on working with lists in SharePoint 2010 we devote 3 entirely to the subject of working with columns within a list or a list and library context. We show users how to create and work with columns from the SharePoint browser. Further, we show users the importance of the relationship between columns and views of information; specifically, how configuring a view can alter columnar information for the SharePoint data repository.

Our collection of video tutorials on working with Lists in SharePoint 2010 is available across the range of our subscription offers, from an individual subscription to a hybrid group subscription for an enterprise. In addition, our SharePoint 2010 Fundamentals DVD (available for a single user at a cost of $195.00, or for an enterprise at a cost of $1995.00) includes this set of tutorials.

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