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Lowering annual support and development costs for SharePoint Server 2010 should be an important objective for enterprise users

On June 15th IFPress.com published an article that caught our attention, City’s whopping web work bill decried. We certainly disagree with the ostensible position of the writer of this article, Chip Martin, that utilizing Open Source alternatives to SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition for the Internet web site for the City of London, Ontario would result in a lower final cost for the city. In fact, we are not aware of an Open Source alternative with the complete range of functionality that SharePoint offers. Further, having some substantial experience of our own with Open Source software, we are familiar with the high cost of developing, integrating and managing this type of software for an enterprise of the size of the City of London (2500 users). Bottom line, Open Source developers are paid handsomely for their work. In our experience the cost of Open Source software, when all is said in done, is generally comparable with the cost of taking a different route with proprietary software like Microsoft® SharePoint®.

What further caught our eye in this article was the cost information that the quoted representatives from the City of London shared with Chip Martin. The annual cost per user for an enterprise license for Microsoft’s software for the 2500 user community of users at the City of London amounts to $280.00 or $700K for the entire enterprise. The actual software included in this license is not provided in this article, but the author notes that training is included in the annual subscription. We think that the way the training component of the subscription is applied is potentially very important.

If applied effectively, we think that the City of London can progressively reduce the annual cost of the subscription through user training on at least SharePoint. We ourselves offer a comprehensive set of video training designed to support large groups of users for SharePoint Server 2010. Simply consider that a reduction of $10.00 per user per year in maintenance cost will result in an annual cost savings of $25K for this organization. We are entirely capable of working with corporate customers to architect a SharePoint training solution that will deliver this level of cost saving, which will more than pay for the cost of our content in year one alone, not to mention each subsequent year of use.

A successful implementation of our content usually alleviates support and/or development responsibilities for existing staff members who become available to address other needs, which can add substantial hard cost savings to the overall Return on Investment (ROI) for our content. We will be happy to elaborate on these points should you have an interest. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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