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Learn Project Management with SharePoint 2010 Video Tutorials

SharePoint 2010 includes features that can be utilized to manage all types of projects. Eric Eaton, a SharePoint architect, MCSE, MCTS, MCP for SQL and a Certified Microsoft Trainer has authored a set of highly useful video tutorials on Project Management with SharePoint 2010. Please note that a subscription to our site is required to view this tutorial video.

As Eric points out, enterprise-class project management tools like Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project Server may not be an ideal solution for project teams with a clear picture of deliverables and a low tolerance for the complexity that is inherent to these market-leading project management tools. As well, some organizations have not purchased these tools. In this latter case project managers have had to rely on spreadsheets to record project plans and deliverables. Of course, tracking projects with spreadhseets constitutes a substantial amount of manual work. Worse yet, spreadsheets are very short on collaboration features. Let’s face it, tracking project deliverables requires a lot of collaboration; therefore, utilizing tools not designed for collaboration doesn’t make much sense.

SharePoint 2010 offers many native features that can be successfully utilized to fill in the gap between managing projects with spreadsheets and managing projects with enterprise-class tools. In this first of several tutorials on how to successfully utilize SharePoint 2010 to manage projects, Eric points out that SharePoint 2010 has the ease of use of a spreadsheet tool. However, SharePoint 2010 has native collaborative reporting features that go a quantum step further than spreadsheets as well. By learning how to integrate these great features of SharePoint 2010, project managers working with projects that fit the criteria laid out above, specifically:

  • Objectives and deliverables are clear
  • Project Teams include members light on experience with enterprise class project management tools
  • Licenses for enterprise class project management software are either not in place, or not planned
  • SharePoint 2010 server has been implemented

stand to extract great benefit from SharePoint 2010 as a highly useful project management tool.

Please contact us if you have a need for project management and would like to explore how SharePoint 2010 can provide you with the features to get your management overhead under control. For corporate users and other large groups we are confident that this tutorial video set can be just the ticket. We will be happy to schedule a webinar to show you short clips from Eric Eaton’s video tutorials. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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