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Learn how to use InfoPath 2010 with Video Tutorials from SharePoint-Videos

Microsoft InfoPath 2010 is the preferred tool for creating forms for SharePoint 2010. But how to get the training required to implement this tool? We strongly recommend video tutorials as the best training method available for quickly assimilating the knowledge required to successfully operate InfoPath 2010. Watching procedures video taped by subject matter experts communicates simply the operational steps that a user is after within a context that fosters quick assimilation of technology. Without bobbing heads and available within the context of the SharePoint and InfoPath workspace, video tutorials on InfoPath 2010 can take users far along the path of gaining the information they need. Where these users are part of global businesses, or other large organizations, the cost of provisioning video tutorial training to each member of the SharePoint user community is a mere fraction of the cost of individual subscriptions; thereby adding cost savings to the value proposition for video training for this product.

SharePoint-Videos does the best job that we have found of providing the important points that must be learned if SharePoint users are to learn how to use InfoPath 2010. Asif Rehmani, a Microsoft MVP has authored our curriculum on this topic. It should be noted that a video tutorial on An end-to-end process using InfoPath 2010 forms, Visio 2010, and SharePoint Designer 2010 for workflows authored by Asif Rehmani is presently available on Microsoft Technet. In addition, of the 5 video tutorials authored by Asif on Office.com, one presents InfoPath 2010 procedures, Customize workflow forms using InfoPath 2010. With video tutorials incorporated on Microsoft TechNet and Office.com, Asif Rehmani can be considered an expert with InfoPath 2010.

As just mentioned, our video curriculum on this product covers all of the important techniques that must be mastered to completely assimilate the knowledge required to operate InfoPath 2010. The topics range from creating forms from SharePoint lists, to converting Microsoft Excel workbooks to InfoPath 2010, and more.

SharePoint administrators for global businesses and other large organizations should consider governance that will permit the use of InfoPath 2010 within the SharePoint workspace. Offering the use of InfoPath will go far to heighten the usefulness of SharePoint and, thereby, hasten end user adoption. End user adoption is a favorite topic for us; therefore we are always open to a new discussion on this important topic. If you would like to explore this topic at greater length, then we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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