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Learn How to Use Access Services for SharePoint 2010

Businesses that have opted to implement SharePoint Server 2010 who have other applications in use that rely on Access databases do well to look at Access Services for SharePoint. Few factors can be as useful as a method of hastening end user adoption as simplifying the workspace issue for daily computer operations for a user community. Providing a single workspace makes the most sense. Indeed, much has been written on this topic with specific regard to the proliferation and ever growing popularity of web browsers as a single conduit to the cloud for Office 365 and/or Google Apps for business, not to mention a plethora of other services built on the same methodology.

Rehmani Consulting Inc offers a rich set of training content in video format on the subject of how to use SharePoint 2010 Access Services. At a single user cost of $199.50 or an enterprise license cost of $1995.00 acquiring this collection makes lots of sense for businesses who agree that a single workspace is a compelling feature and, further, specifically as a method of increasing user adoption of computer operations with SharePoint 2010.

A further benefit is that once SharePoint 2010 Access Services have been implemented, then information within external databases can be included within SharePoint taxonomies and, thereby, potentially important information will be accessible via SharePoint search and navigation. Compliance activities as well as other features of a governance policy are thereby empowered with a utility comparable to that claimed by standalone tools from third party vendors in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) space. The result is a value rich benefit for businesses who manage, thereby, to reduce otherwise required cash expenditures through a wider, enhanced application of familiar technology, meaning SharePoint, to additional important requirements for day to day computing operations. The actual extent of the value delivered is potentially much richer should these same businesses opt to implement codeless development approaches for customization or application extension.

If you agree with our view, then we would welcome an opportunity to discuss training for SharePoint 2010 Access Services further with you. We will be happy to elaborate with examples of how your organization can benefit from the application of this feature for your daily computing environment. We have considerable training expertise, which we have utilized to develop compelling video training content for a very wide range of SharePoint functionality. Perhaps a custom training class over a virtual webinar will make sense for your systems developers and power users.

Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion. We are always keen to learn topics of interest to you.

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