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Instructor Lead SharePoint User Training and Video Tutorials Produce Knowledgeable Users

Instructor lead SharePoint training, together with on demain, in-context access to video tutorials make for a compelling combination of educational content for SharePoint users. Once trained, SharePoint users are better positioned to derive important and valuable benefits from SharePoint. It is encumbent on IT and/or MIS functions in global businesses and other large organizations to take the necessary steps to train SharePoint users. Training provides a useful method of ensuring that SharePoint delivers high value and return on investment (ROI).

There is no overlap between instructor lead SharePoint training and the training content transferred to users through instructional videos as long as instructional videos are limited to:

  1. no more than recordings of computer screens that depict SharePoint operations, and
  2. audio comprised of audible presentation of SharePoint operations by a human voice

Our entire collection of SharePoint user training, presently 396 video tutorials that uniformly conform to (1) and (2) above, is a perfect complement to instructor lead end user training, regardless of whether or not the instructor lead training is offered in person, via a webinar (or a series of webinars), or even via instructional videos of a different variety, meaning presentations by human instructors who communicate most, if not all, of specific instruction via the spoken word, facial gestures, etc. This latter category of training content is often referred to as “bobbing heads” training, a training medium that is very different from our offering.

We think it is possible to implement simply video tutorials, like the instructional videos offered on SharePoint-Videos dot com without recourse to in-person training. Further we think it is difficult to dispense with our type of video tutorials for SharePoint, despite provisioning in-person training. Effective training is built on repetition of precisely the same instruction by SharePoint users. We do not know of a better way to deliver just this type of facility than to offer on demand access to video tutorials within the context of the SharePoint workspace.

Nevetheless, where resources exist to provision an effective training facility for SharePoint users, regardless of cost, a combination of in-person training and access to instructional videos like ours makes the most sense. We welcome opportunities to show you how a SharePoint training regime as we have described will empower your team to deliver on your objective. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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