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Implementing Business Connectivity Services, BCS, for SharePoint Delivers Lots of Value for the Right Users

Not all SharePoint users will derive value from implementing business connectivity services (BCS) for SharePoint 2010. In order to capture the substantial value of collecting remote data within SharePoint 2010, in other words, within a common data repository for an enterprise where truly meaningful data analysis can be performed that promise to generate useful actions, an enterprise ought to have a commitment to either operate independent of silos or to operate for the common good of business silos.

Silos, literally groups of users dedicated to specific functions within a business; for example, sales, accounts receivable, loan servicing, etc are an ever present reality for business. As the size of a specific business grows, so grows the role played by each of its silos. Further, it is important to note that silos generally do not want to share all information. In fact, when we recently engaged in a discussion with a Microsoft Partner on the subject of BCS and why BCS is particularly useful if one wants to craft SharePoint 2010 into a truly mission critical business application. We were at first surprised to learn that this partner had done little, if any integration work with BCS for SharePoint 2010. But when this partner articulated their finding that business units within an enterprise were nixing the use of BCS in order to retain complete control over some unit specific information we started to get an accurate picture of the forces at work with regards to this question.

We now look at serious use of BCS as an activity consistent with an objective to implement business process re-engineering (BPR). In other words, and specifically with regard to enterprise business, a consensus should have been reached to pursue BPR. With this consensus in place an enterprise can truly realize very substantial value from implementing BCS. For businesses that meet this qualification, our SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services Training DVD constitutes a very useful tool to empower an appropriate audience of SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, Developers and Architects with just the training information that they require to effectively implement BCS across an enterprise business.

In sum, BCS is not appropriate for every organization. If you believe BCS is a technology that you should implement, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about your interest in pulling remote data and, in fact, the processing mechanism for remote data processing, into SharePoint 2010. We are always keen to discuss this topic.

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