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A recent study points to serious interest in hybrid computing scenarios across enterprise businesses

On December 19, 2014, CMSWire published No Best of Breed in Cloud Computing – Yet. This article was written by Dom Nicastro. The topic prompting the article is a survey just released by Technology Business Research Inc.

The TBR study includes some promising predictions for proponents of hybrid computing scenarios as the best approach for large organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors as they move closer to implementing cloud computing scenarios. Nicastro writes “TBR . . . predicted that public, private and hybrid cloud integration will follow cloud professional services growth in coming years — private cloud adoption rate will reach 85 percent by 2018 . . . ” (quoted from an article written by Dom Nicastro, which was published on the CMSWire web site on Friday, December 19, 2014. I’ve included a link to the entire article and encourage readers to use it).

Reading further, hybrid computing advocates will find another positive claim: “22 percent of the large enterprise market has integrated cloud across their IT environments, creating a $7 billion hybrid integration market in 2014” (ibid). If this claim is credible, then it is probably safe to plan on a lot of the enterprise private clouds, from 2015 to 2018 including hybrid computing scenarios. The end result should be a healthy business for server administrators, developers, designers and architects who possess the required expertise to assist these organizations as they work towards attaining their objectives.

Microsoft SharePoint Server, on-premises, and its cloud counterpart, SharePoint Online, Office 365 are sure to provide a segment of these organizations (if not a majority) with the best computing options for their hybrid computing plans. So our recent release of a set of specialized training content on hybrid SharePoint computing would appear to be timely. This set is titled SharePoint 2013 DVD Package: Implementing SharePoint 2013 Hybrid for Search, Business Connectivity Services, OneDrive for Business and Yammer. The set is led by Fabian Williams, a SharePoint Server MVP and an acknowledged subject matter expert on related topics.

The intended audience for this set of video training content are SharePoint administrators. Anyone visiting our online presentation about the set will have an opportunity to review a couple of sample videos from the training.

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