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Exploring How SharePoint Online, Office 365 Might Impact the Future of SharePoint Branding

Correct branding is a mission critical feature of, arguably, most, if not any successful implementation of SharePoint. In turn, adding an effective brand to SharePoint components — sites, libraries, lists, even newsfeeds — supports and hastens user adoption of the computing platform. So getting a glimpse of the likely future of best of breed branding methods for SharePoint and SharePoint Online, Office 365 makes sense.

SharePoint-Videos has published sets of specialized training content on branding for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. These sets have been led by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, an acknowledged subject matter expert on the topic, published author, SharePoint MVP and a group manager at Avanade. You can learn more about these content sets on the following links:

Therefore we are pleased to announce a webinar, to be held on Thursday, October 23, 2014 titled The Role of Branding in the Future of SharePoint. We are jointly sponsoring this event (which is a free webinar) with RackSpace. The panel participants will include Yaroslav, Randy Drisgill and John Ross (both of whom have also been awarded SharePoint MVP status).

SharePoint stakeholders who may be looking to gain a better understanding of how the graphical design of user interfaces impacts on how end users adopt SharePoint computing are likely to benefit by attending the webinar. The topic is not only compelling, but the panel of experts selected for the discussion ensures the audience will be treated to a “correct” view of the topic and the development options available to organizations looking for the maximum benefit from a SharePoint branding effort.

There are many methods of accomplishing tasks in SharePoint. Features tend to overlap. Users can, inadvertently, chooses a “wrong” approach. So a premium ought to be put on information communicated from widely acknowledged subject matter experts like the participants in this panel discussion.

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