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EPM Live, Your One Stop Shop for Project Management for SharePoint

Imagine building your enterprise project management solution on top of SharePoint. What about all the other work efforts that you’ve got planned for the future? Why not roll them in as well? Don’t forget IT Portfolio Management (you need to gauge the value of your investments in IT, right?), let’s roll that effort in as well. Certainly you can accomplish most of what you want with Microsoft Project Server, but how about getting it done with Microsoft Project Desktop? Sound like wishful thinking? Not so, according to the folks at EPM Live.

We recently spoke with Ms. Heather Champoux-Rayner, Marketing Director for EPM Live. We wanted to learn about their EPM Live suite of enterprise project, portfolio and work management solutions. We requested the discussion based upon the contribution that we thought a suite like EPM Live’s offerings could make to help hasten user adoption for SharePoint across enterprise business.

Ms. Campoux-Rayner let us know that our intuition was correct. EPM WorkEngine is their most popular product. But their PortfolioEngine product intrigued us. She described how EPM Live customers acquire a “full blown project, portfolio & work management solution” when they order EPM PortfolioEngine. Put this full blown solution together with SharePoint. You get the capability of broadcasting project updates to project participants regardless of where they may be located within a SharePoint farm. EPM PortfolioEngine customers can exercise governance over documents, updates, discussion logs, etc. via standard product operation. Administrative approval is required for any/all changes to documents and other records to be permanently recorded in the project, portfolio or work plan. Executives can even review financial information specific to these activities and even timesheets can be created and completed from within the applications themselves.

This suite of products depends upon SharePoint for its ability to stimulate manageable collaboration across enterprise class communities. Keep in mind that the true financial cost of projects, other types of enterprise work effort, along with applications included in an IT portfolio would not be highlighted by these offerings from EPM Live without SharePoint. The flip side is also true. These products add substantial value to the benefits delivered by SharePoint to the same communities.

Of most interest to us, Ms. Campoux-Rayner acknowledged that EPM customers need to know OOTB SharePoint. They need to understand, for example, how tools are added to the Ribbon, etc. Our webinar, Introduction to SharePoint Designer, 2010 from SharePoint-Videos.com speaks to the SharePoint Ribbon as does another free course, Exploring a SharePoint Site, 2010 from SharePoint-Videos.com. If you would like to hear more about how we are assembling training tracks for enterprise business around what we refer to as “needs themes” or applications, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos to support the product suite from EPM Live.

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