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Use Yammer to Support Users As They Migrate to Office 365

Perhaps there is no more universal application for a social media feature like Yammer than to provide a forum for users as communities migrate to Office 365. Regardless of the hierarchical structure of an organization, implementing news feeds for this purpose should return positively in the effort invested to implement this service.

Yammer has risen to this occasion. On February 27, 2014, Martin Risgaard Rasmussen published a post to the Yammer blog titled Manage Your Office 365 Rollout Using Yammer. In this writer’s opinion Rasmussen’s application of the Yammer newsfeed as the electronic forum users require to express themselves throughout the Office 365 migration process makes a lot of sense. In fact, quickly implementing Yammer prior to completion of a migration may actually end up reducing the support costs an organization would otherwise have to incur to manage a community of users through to a successful implementation of Office 365.

On the topic of user training, Rasmussen recommends the following: “Provide short training options that are specific to people’s needs around the change. Help provide the content for these trainings, if necessary, along with success stories from across the organization.” SharePoint-Videos offers a set of end user training videos, SharePoint End Users Training, for SharePoint 2013, which can provide the content repository Rasmussen recommends. Each of the video tutorials in this set are under 3 minutes in lengthy, with many of them under 1 minute in length. So any of these videos can be attached to postings to a Yammer newsfeed. Proceeding in this manner may substantially reduce the amount of time users require to locate the training content they need, and, thereby, save on a support call.

Coincidentally, on August 24, 2014, we will host an online course SharePoint Social and Yammer. While the course syllabus does not include mention of why it may make sense for an organization migrating to Office 365 to implement Yammer, any attendee will have an opportunity to pose a question or two on this topic.

Ira Michael Blonder

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