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Ensure that SharePoint Users Find the Training They Need with Video Tutorials

Jane Hart, the founder of the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies wrote a piece, New Workplace Learning: How workplace learning is changing and what smart L&D departments are doing about it. in January, 2012. Ms. Hart quotes an assertion from Forrester Research published in February, 2011 that “ ‘Today already 47% of business technology users at North American and European companies report using one or more website(s) to do parts of their jobs that are not sanctioned by their IT department. We expect this number to grow to close to 60% in 2011 as frustrated workers work around IT to self-provision technology’. (Forrester, February 2011)”

If true, this assertion brings to public attention a trend on the part of groups of users in both private and public sectors to fill in the gaps in training with instruction located online. Reading further Ms. Hart characterizes this trend within her portrait of the “Smart Worker” whose busy work life deprives her of the time to “to learn in the traditional way – going to an offsite workshop or working through an online course; rather she wants access to ‘learning’ as she does his/her job – in the flow of work – and neither in a separate place or in a separate, silo-ed learning system.”

We are taken with how well our set of instructional tutorial videos for SharePoint match the deliverable sought after by Ms. Hart’s “Smart Work”. Simply consider that video tutorials for SharePoint can be installed directly within the SharePoint Farm, on a sub site. Installed within the SharePoint workplace, “Smart Workers” will have “access to ‘learning’ [precisely] as she does his/her job – in the flow of work . . .” Further, once properly tagged, our video tutorials will be easily accessed through SharePoint Fast Search, akin to the type of accessibility to technical training content that Ms. Hart goes on to contend is afforded by Internet search engines. In sum, short, technique rich/abstraction light technical tutorials like our set for SharePoint are precisely what Ms. Hart’s ‘Smart Workers’ appear to be after.

For IT organizations that are aligned with Ms. Hart’s view of how contemporary IT users will go about obtaining the training they need, an implementation of SharePoint 2010 Server should necessarily include an acquisition of video tutorial content if “smart workers” are to be nourished with the training they require. Our set of tutorial videos is a perfect fit with these objectives. Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to discuss this topic at greater length.

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