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End Users Benefit When Help is Available for SharePoint 2013 Lists, Libraries, Pages, and Communicating with Office Components

If active SharePoint users within larger organizations only spend a few moments, per week, using the computing platform, how can the majority of users, who very seldom use it, be expected to remember important, basic computing techniques? Bottom line: they can’t, and for this reason it is very important for IT organizations, and stakeholders in a successful implementation, to provide these users with training content to refresh their understanding, as they require.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers a set of 105 video tutorials specifically designed to support SharePoint end users. Our SP131 End User Training Set provides these users with the help they need to successfully accomplish the work they need to complete with SharePoint. We think the type of work end users most often undertake, with SharePoint, is specific, more often than not, to one of the following SharePoint 2013 components:

  1. Lists
  2. Libraries
  3. and Pages

In addition, end users occasionally need to manage data communications betwen SharePoint 2013 and their local, Office 2013 applications. Finally, these users need to understand some basic SharePoint 2013 administration procedures, especially when an end user is also the owner of a team site.

Our SP131 End User Video Training set includes 20 video tutorials on working with SharePoint 2013 lists, 14 video tutorials on working with shared document libraries, 7 video tutorials on working with list settings, and 6 video tutorials on working with SharePoint 2013 library settings.

On the subject of working with SharePoint 2013 web pages, we offer 36 video tutorials. Six video tutorials are included on how end users can successfully connect to Office applications running locally. The set wraps up with 15 video tutorials on SharePoint 2013 administration.

We are confident the amount of training content provided by our SP131 end user video tutorials set is adequate, and the range of topics we cover is wide enough to present the most common SharePoint 2013 computing techniques.

Finally, our presentation style is characterized by a minimalist approach, which provides an ample amount of coverage of computing procedures, but spares end users any obligation to sit through an abstract presentation of theory.

If your organization is aware of the challenge facing SharePoint 2013 end users, and you are reviewing methods of equipping these people to successfully overcome their computing obstacles, please take a look at our SP131 end user training set.

Ira Michael Blonder

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