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Eliminate Development Hurdles to Support High Utility SharePoint Implementations for Specific Needs

The folks at Bamboo Solutions want us all to build more customized solutions with Microsoft® SharePoint®, they just don’t want to see us hard coding them. Makes sense when you consider that the best way to get users to adopt a platform solution like SharePoint is to provide them with business specific features that deliver just what they. Makes even more sense when the SharePoint power users for the business can include what Gartner Group calls “Citizen Developers”, highly technical individuals who, nevertheless, do not want to deal with code.

A large number of the no code SharePoint web parts offered by Bamboo Solutions empower users with the means of identifying activity across large farms. This set of web parts include an Administration Toolkit along with several different alert and calendar web parts. These activity specific web parts are perfect for heavily regulated businesses with strict rules of governance in place to ensure that the vast preponderance of activity is visible to the organization as a whole and reviewed for compliance with governance.

Activity specific web parts are also quite useful for project management. Customizing SharePoint is, often enough, a major project that should be managed in an efficient manner; therefore, Bamboo Solutions offers Project Management Central, a tool designed for technical developers (notice the reference to “you and your boss” in the promotional blurb) that collects the activity, cost, and resource information needed to report project status in a useful manner.

Bamboo Solutions’ Knowledge Management Suite addresses SharePoint market interest in Business Intelligence (BI) and enterprise search. Armed with Bamboo’s Knowledge Management Suite, enterprise customers may begin to move beyond costly enterprise software designed to provide the same type of information, but not built on SharePoint; for example, Cognos Business Insight.

Looking further at the product offering at Bamboo Solutions, we note lots of web parts designed to empower users to work more broadly with lists. After all, SharePoint foundation is a potentially vast repository of information that needs to support catalogs that can be formatted into indices that are both useful and attractive. Don’t forget to hold the HTML and/or CSS code. Perhaps the most prominent of these web parts is Data View Web Part which delivers data view without the otherwise requisite purchase of SharePoint Designer.

Bamboo Solutions, in sum, offers many web parts that can inspire users to customize SharePoint as they require. These web parts are the perfect complement for the methods and techniques that we promote via our SharePoint-Video.com tutorial collection. You’ll note that we, too, endorse no code development.

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