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Does It Make Sense to Add Yammer to Provide SharePoint Users With a Reason to Spend More Time on the Platform?

SharePoint-Videos offers a suite of training products designed for organizations looking to hasten SharePoint adoption. Our focus product is VisualSP, a help system for SharePoint. Behind the ribbon help tab, which is the method for SharePoint users to engage with our VisualSP solution, is a plentiful collection of video training content optimized for end users and SharePoint knowledge workers.

But what if all of these users only infrequently use SharePoint®? Recent studies published by the AIIM organization, and Forrester Research point to statistics I found surprising — active SharePoint users spend a few moments each week on the platform. If these findings are credible, then it makes sense why end users, for example, require constant retraining on the correct methods of working with SharePoint features — lists, libraries, and pages. They simply forget what they learned last time they had to take care of a task like adding a document to a library, or posting a link to an announcement list.

Do social computing tools like Yammer offer the average organization needing to hasten SharePoint user adoption a method of transforming the platform into the kind of “sticky” venue they need to increase the amount of time users spend on SharePoint?

The short answer has two parts:

  1. yes and no and, perhaps,
  2. think long and hard before taking the leap

If readers are challenged to understand the rationale for the above points and have a little over an hour to spare to listen to an audio webcast, it may be very helpful to listen to Best Practices for Breaking Down Organizational Barriers for Yammer. As the title for this presentation (excerpted from TechEd North America 2014) states, there are, just in case readers are not otherwise aware, real organizational barriers between personnel at some organizations, and a social computing tool like Yammer.

There are certainly applications for a tool like Yammer. For example, an organization specifically focused on stimulating innovation can use the peer-to-peer conversational capability of Yammer to encourage personnel, at all levels, to freely express opinions and even new ideas. Or a business in need of an extranet can use a combination of Yammer and SharePoint to build a high value method of quickly publishing information to targeted recipients.

But opting for a social computing tool like Yammer to increase SharePoint “face time” may not be the right decision. On the other hand, a method of quickly re-acquainting infrequent SharePoint users with the procedures they need to follow to successfully accomplish work in SharePoint, which is what our VisualSP Help System is all about, may be a perfect fit.

If you would like to hear further about our solution, or any of our other offers, please let us know.

Ira Michael Blonder

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