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Developing Custom Training Content for SharePoint 2010 May Make Sense But How Best to Deliver this Content to Users?

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. recently introduced VisualSP, which is a product that exposes training content — in video file format, image format, MS Word and/or PowerPoint file format, PDF, etc — to SharePoint 2010 users directly from the SharePoint Ribbon. Our product promises lots of benefits for organizations that have developed custom training content for SharePoint 2010.

We often speak with organizations that have chosen to customize SharePoint 2010 features and processes for their specific computing realities and business objectives. In turn, these organizations have opted to develop their own custom training content for SharePoint. These organizations should seriously consider a purchase of VisualSP. In fact, with an installation method that utilizes an editable configuration file, and a training content document repository that is located directly within SharePoint, our product represents a breakthrough solution that delivers content, as needed, directly within a task-specific environment, from click options presented on the SharePoint 2010 ribbon.

As we have written previously in this blog, and as Microsoft® demonstrated with its extensive efforts to push training content to users directly in-context for MS Office products from the mid 1990s to 2005 (or thereabouts), training content needs to be directly provisioned to users within as close a proximity to a computing work space as possible, if it is to be effective. VisualSP constitutes an affordable option for organizations that need to use training to empower SharePoint 2010 users to be highly successful, quickly, with new procedures that may be otherwise foreign and hard to understand.

Where a custom training curriculum lacks specific training content for SharePoint 2010 procedures that need to be communicated to users, the video training content that we ship with each order of VisualSP, may fill the gap. The out of the box “rough edges” of the SharePoint 2010 work space that we present can, in all likelihood, be smoothed over with a short supporting document that prepares the user to assimilate a needed procedure from what may seem like a foreign user interface. The efficiency of this solution, which makes sparing use of our video content, but extensive use of our delivery method, should be compelling to organizations committed to driving end user adoption of SharePoint 2010.

If SharePoint 2010 promises to deliver substantial return on your investment, albeit in a highly customized form, and you are concerned with end user adoption of the platform, you ought to consider our VisualSP solution as a superb method of keeping your users where you want them, meaning in the SharePoint work space. We are available to discuss your specific requirements at your convenience. Please contact us, either by telephone at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our products and services.

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