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Custom Video Training Content can Drive User Adoption for SharePoint 2010

Rehmani Consulting, Inc has introduced VisualSP, which provides an access point to training content for SharePoint 2010 directly in-context from the SharePoint ribbon, itself. Our product, when used in conjunction with custom training content specifically designed for the unique branding, architecture, presentation and processes that usually makes for an implementation of SharePoint for a specific organization or business, makes for a highly compelling method of captivating users within a SharePoint work space, which, in turn, hastens user adoption of this computing platform.

We speak with lots of organizations about their plans to train users to implement SharePoint. A usual observation that we hear expressed is a need for custom training content designed for the unique specifics of a SharePoint implementation. The argument is that users are hard pressed to easily adopt a method of computer processing built on SharePoint. Once an organization has produced a set of unique procedures for computer processing, which users will need to complete within SharePoint, training content should play the role of enhancing user comfort level with that same set of unique computing procedures.

Now, with VisualSP, a method is available to add another compelling feature to this attempt to use training content to hasten user adoption of the SharePoint computing platform. In fact, VisualSP is an access system that provides users with training content resources in-context, meaning directly within the SharePoint 2010 work space. The type of content that can be exposed with our product is neither simply limited to videos, nor our own brand of training content. In fact, custom training content in a variety of file types, for example:

  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Slides
  • and images

can all be exposed via the VisualSP system. Therefore, we think that organizations committed to moving users to adopt a SharePoint 2010 computing work space should seriously consider implementing our product for an important function — in-context access for all users to training content. As we have written at length elsewhere in this blog, the benefits of persuading users to adopt SharePoint and, in turn, migrating otherwise expensive computing procedures to a more efficient, standard delivery as applications that run on SharePoint are, indeed, compelling. At a minimum, successfully transforming how an organization generally shares files from email attachments to links to items included within SharePoint Document Libraries can deliver substantial return on an investment in SharePoint.

If you need to identify and implement SharePoint 2010 features to drive user adoption of the platform, you will likely look to custom training content as a method of enhancing user comfort with SharePoint computing. You ought to also look into how you can best deliver training content to users to ensure that they spend most, if not all, of their computing time within the SharePoint work space. Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers an integrated solution that implements VisualSP in conjunction with consulting and our own technical training video course modules, which can certainly be adapted to include organization-specific custom training content to deliver a superb user experience. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about the solution we offer for your need.

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