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Custom, Organization-Specific Apps May Help Hasten End User Adoption of SharePoint 2013

On Thursday, November 21, 2013, SharePoint-Videos debuted a new video tutorial set, “SharePoint 2013: Beginning Development”. This tutorial set is available for purchase for either individual viewing, or for unlimited viewing by groups. “SharePoint 2013: Beginning Development” can be useful to any organization looking to hasten end user adoption of SharePoint 2013 with Apps specifically developed for the organization.

End users will more quickly adopt new methods of processing work, like storing documents in shared libraries in SharePoint 2013, rather than in file folders, or replacing email updates with list updates on SharePoint team sites, when the new methods are familiarized to better reflect the unique characteristics, specific to an organization. The SharePoint 2013 App model can be used to customize the look and feel (meaning the branding) of SharePoint sites. The same App model can be used to include custom components of an organization’s unique data “footprint” within common, everyday computing tasks.

This latest tutorial set offered by SharePoint-Videos covers the last of these points about the SharePoint 2013 App Model. Steve Fox, a Director of Services for Microsoft® presents the options and requirements any organization needs to consider when planning for an App development program to accompany any SharePoint 2013 adoption campaign.

It’s important to keep in mind another important feature of the SharePoint 2013 App Model. In all likelihood the cost of developing Apps with this model will be comparatively less expensive than was the case with past methods. The reason for the lower costs has to do with the architecture of the SharePoint 2013 App Model, itself. In fact, the model works entirely on the client side, meaning with the browser. So all of the functionality can be achieved with JavaScript. Certainly functions will play a role in any development effort, but with free of charge access to the jQuery library readily available to any development team, a very powerful set of functions is certainly within the reach of any organization looking to embark on this type of development effort.

Finally, any developer with an excellent understanding of Microsoft’s Client Side Object Model (CSOM) can take a custom App development project for SharePoint 2013 all the way from start to finish.

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