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Implement a reliable enterprise social computing effort now to avoid having to do so later

Back in January, 2013, Gartner published a press release titled Gartner® Says 80 Percent of Social Business Efforts Will Not Achieve Intended Benefits Through 2015on the low likelihood of “social business efforts” succeeding by 2015. But the same press release makes clear the inevitability of success for these same efforts at some point in the future. So business should start to build out enterprise social computing networks like Yammer, now, to prepare.

The inevitability of the success of these efforts is depicted in the very first sentence of the release: “Enterprise social networks will become the primary communications channels for noticing, deciding, or acting on information relevant to carrying out work”. So how can organizations looking to prepare for the inevitable prepare?

One method is to implement Office 365 as a cloud computing solution. In the prior post to this blog we depicted some of the benefits of cloud computing. The two most magnetizing of these amount to the “pay-per-use” nature of acquiring computing resources, and paying for them, and the on-demand elasticity of planning infrastructure. Assuming these two points act as a one-two punch to secure executive buy-in, then the next step is to select an enterprise computing method.

Office 365 is a perfect match with Yammer. SharePoint-Videos offers a set of specialized training content on enterprise social, which is entirely focused on communicating best practices for organizations planning on a successful implementation of Yammer. Our course is led by Naomi Moneypenny, who is a widely acknowledged subject matter expert of enterprise social topics. The course is titled SharePoint 2013: Making Enterprise Social Real in Your Organization with Yammer and SharePoint.

The title of our course mentions SharePoint, but the methods presented can also, certainly, be implemented in an Office 365 computing environment. In this writer’s opinion, Office 365 is the preferred method of providing the SharePoint computing component to this solution. Yammer is, after all, a strictly online, cloud SaaS. Therefore, it makes sense to leverage another Cloud SaaS (ie Office 365) to optimize the efficiency of the enterprise social computing process and obtain an optimum return.

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