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Business Users can Quickly Add Forms to Web Pages with the InfoPath Forms Web Part which is Exclusively a Feature of SharePoint 2010

Including interactive forms within web pages on a corporate Intranet is a highly desirable feature for most departments and/or business units within organizations. Rarely will an implementation of these forms on an Intranet produce additional revenue for an organization; therefore, spending substantial amounts of money building these InfoPath 2010 forms web part pages may not make a lot of sense. Wherever possible, internal resources should be adequate to produce these pages.

With SharePoint 2010, Enterprise, Microsoft has taken a great step forward to facilitate easier implementation of InfoPath 2010 forms within web part pages. Now business users can avail of a special InfoPath 2010 forms web part page to accomplish just this type of implementation. We include a video tutorial on this topic, “Show an InfoPath List form within InfoPath Form web part” in our training curriculum for InfoPath 2010. A subscription to our web site is required to view most of the videos in this set, though some are available for public viewing. We reviewed this video for consistency with our Office 365 E3 Plan SharePoint site.

The only differences that we could find between the SharePoint Enterprise environment depicted in this video and our SharePoint Online environment related to the functionality of the SharePoint Ribbon. In our video tutorial we demonstrate how the Ribbon can be used in point and click fashion to quickly select an existing list for insertion on a new web page. We did not find this option on our SharePoint Online Ribbon. Similarly, we could not find a clickable button to add the InfoPath Form Web Part from the primary SharePoint Online Ribbon. In order to select the InfoPath Forms web part, we needed to click on a “More Web Parts” button on the Ribbon and, subsequently, on the “Forms” tab in the left hand vertical bar, which finally exposed the option of selecting the InfoPath Form Web Part. We used this same “More Web Parts” option to locate our Tasks list for insertion. We think these differences will not prove vexing for business users, who can make an adjustment a first time and be counted on to repeat the adjustment, as needed to produce this type of web part page.

If you are considering an implementation of InfoPath forms within interactive web pages for your Intranet, you may want to consider a subscription to our online video tutorial content as a proven method to accelerate user adoption for SharePoint. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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