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An Inexpensive Method of Integrating Business Intelligence Features Into SharePoint 2013

Our video tutorial set, “SharePoint 2013: Business Intelligence” provides any organization looking to add truly useful business intelligence (BI) features to its SharePoint 2013 computing environment with an inexpensive method of performing the systems integration required to deliver the desired functionality.

With the release of this set for purchase, individuals and organizations can now access all of the videos in this series and use the technical material locally as often as required. Here is a summary, in my opinion, of the value a purchase of this training set can deliver:

  1. Jason Himmelstein, our course author, is an acknowledged expert on this topic. The set of videos he’s put together on BI systems options for a SharePoint Server 2013 computing environment is targeted to an audience of SharePoint administrators.

    So the information included in this training set can help an organization integrate targeted functionality without any need for adding outside, consulting resources. Any experienced SharePoint 2013 administrator will likely find, in this course, a lot of the information he/she requires to integrate systems and build a useful BI feature for an on premise, or cloud SharePoint 2013 computing environment
  2. The functional overview, included in this training set, of the various BI systems available for either SharePoint Server 2013, on premise, or SharePoint Online, can be very useful to SharePoint stakeholders, including any line-of-business (LoB) groups participating in the systems selection process.

    As noted in 1), administrators can certainly use the content to render an opinion on a “best way” to deliver BI functionality for the organization. As well, they will also be able to identify related products and, therefore, should be able to contribute, meaningfully, to the cost estimate for the implementation plan.

This set of training content is available for purchase for individual viewing at a one time cost of $195.00. An organization can purchase the same set for unlimited team use at a one-time cost of $1995.00. Please contact us for more information.

Ira Michael Blonder

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