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Building a Farm Administrators Group for On Premise SharePoint Server 2010

Once a governance policy for SharePoint Server 2010 has been created, a key step is to identify users who will serve as farm administrators. These users will be granted permissions to execute all of the required administrative functions; therefore, the composition of this group needs to be carefully managed. For on premise SharePoint Server 2010, these users can be managed through the Central Administration page of actions in conjunction with the Active Directory. We include a video tutorial on managing farm administrators on SharePoint-Videos dot com.

The appropriate audience for our video tutorial on managing farm administrators are SharePoint Administrators, Developers and Architects.

In a video tutorial titled Managing the Farm Administrators Group, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP demonstrates the procedures required to manage a group of farm administrators.

As Asif notes, farm administrators “can manage all of the services, configurations and settings at the central administration level” as such, these users have powerful permissions to make significant changes to SharePoint operation. Further, by simply adding a user to the farm administrators security group “is provided these abilities”; therefore careful management of this group of users and its individual members must be exercised.

We demonstrate how individuals and even Active Directory groups of users can be added to the farm administrators group. The actual domain administrator for the SharePoint Server 2010 address should be the user granting privileges to the farm administrators group. The number of users in this group should be kept to a minimum. Viewers of this video tutorial are shown how to simply access the farm administrators group within the Security section of the central administration page, how to point and click add groups and/or individual users by browsing the Active Director for the farm, and, finally, how to test the addition of users to ensure that they have been successfully added to the farm administrators group.

Important points to take away from this video tutorial include the following:

  • It is better to grant farm administration privileges to a group than to an individual user. Groups can certainly be entirely made up of simply one user, but having a group in place affords the domain administrator with an option to swap out individuals as required while maintaining the farm administration role
  • All selections of users and/or groups of users should be done through Active Directory to ensure that all users with farm administration privileges are widely recognized across the various lists of users for the farm
  • Individuals not listed in the Active Directory should not be included in the farm administrators group

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