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MSDN Channel 9 Offers a Course in Building Windows Store Apps With HTML, JavaScript and CSS

SharePoint-Videos offers several training sets on Microsoft’s Office 2013 and SharePoint App Model. Tools for building applications for web browser clients, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, play an important role in this model. MSDN’s Channel 9 offers a truly hands-on lab on building a Windows App with HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3.0 with Visual Studio 2012.

Our training sets on the Office 2013 and SharePoint App Model include one led by Steve Fox, a Director with Microsoft Services:

two led by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy:

and, finally, one set led by Marc D. Anderson:

The common thread running through all 4 of these sets is an endorsement of client-side development tools as the preferred method of building applications for SharePoint 2013.

In several earlier posts to this blog I made an effort to clarify why placing this emphasis on client-side tools makes a lot of sense. In sum, I endorsed the new Office 2013 App Model as a worthy attempt to protect SharePoint Server from both the potential threat represented by custom farm solutions, and to ensure SharePoint Server reliability by offloading processes onto browser clients, wherever possible.

An additional important benefit for SharePoint communities opting to implement the new App development models is a likely reduction in support calls. Microsoft claims the most popular reason for support calls, for SharePoint server, are custom farm solutions. If the number of custom farm solutions are tightly controlled, then the demands on support should be much less.

So endorsing the Office 2013, Windows 8, and SharePoint App Development models is likely to be a decision entirely consistent with a similar policy opting for no-code workflows in lieu of custom applications. Both of these approaches to customizing the performance and capabilities of SharePoint (or SharePoint Online, Office 365) deliver the same benefits.

Any readers on my side of these notions should check out the Channel 9 course on building Windows Apps, as per the link I included at the top of the post. Any readers not familiar with HTML, HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3.0 should check out the courses on Channel 9 on HTML, on JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS. I’m confident readers will agree there is quite a bit of content on these topics on Channel 9.

Ira Michael Blonder

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