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Branding Publishing Pages in SharePoint Server 2010

Internet, and even intranet web sites in SharePoint 2013 perform best when built on a publishing site templates. As Yaroslav Pentsarskyy notes in a video tutorial titled Branding SharePoint publishing sites, “The difference between a collaboration site and a publishing site template is that [a] publishing site template will typically be used in the Internet, . . . . but also in a large intranet site. [A publishing site template] facilitates functionality, different features, that anticipate a lot of pages being created on a site.” (quoted from a video tutorial, “Branding SharePoint publishing sites”. We’ve provided a link to the video tutorial, itself, above).

For organizations planning on a migration to SharePoint 2013, this video tutorial will be helpful as it discusses “Themes” and “Master Pages” within a SharePoint server 2010 context. “Themes” and “Master Pages” play a much largely role for the look and feel of publishing sites in SharePoint Server 2013, on premises and for SharePoint Online, Office 365. So it is helpful if SharePint administrators and designers start working with these features in a SharePoint server 2010 environment, before migrating.

As Yaroslav demonstrates in this video tutorial, any branding preferences will need to be applied to publishing templates for “system” pages, as well. “System” pages include “Site Settings” and any pages users will access when they need to work with shared document libraries or lists. Branding should be consistent across all site pages, regardless of who is likely to access them.

Many of the procedures demonstrated in this tutorial are accomplished with the browser. Some of these procedures include working with web part zones with the Page Layout feature of publishing sites. This flexibility is useful for site owners. They can make changes to page layout without needing to access SharePoint Designer 2010.

This video tutorial is included in our set on Branding SharePoint Server 2010 for either individual or group viewing.

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