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Be Sure to Provision Some Training for SharePoint 2010 for Non Technical Users

We estimate that 70% or more of SharePoint 2010 users at large organizations (meaning enterprise business, government groups in the public sector, non profit organizations and, finally, not for profit organizations) utilize the platform for data processing activities specific to their roles within the organization, but with little if any interest in the technology. Examples of data processing activities might include uploading documents to shared libraries, adding events to shared calendars, acting on alerts, and working with lists. We think that the task of performing these activities correctly is largely counter intuitive. If for no other reason than to ameliorate the irritation that these non technical SharePoint users will experience as they work, for example, with spreadsheets that have been uploaded to shared lists, it is essential that SharePoint 2010 training plans speak to these activities with simple, readily understood techniques.

We offer a set of 105 short tutorial videos on SharePoint 2010 all of the operations that users with contribute privileges will likely need to follow to work successfully with SharePoint 2010 lists, libraries, etc. It is, nevertheless, necessary to add training content that translates the obtuse wording of SharePoint 2010 procedures into terms that average users can understand.

If you are experiencing difficulty conjuring up SharePoint 2010 procedures that meet our description, simply think about the procedure of building lists from data in Excel spreadsheets. A Title column is not a mandatory feature of all Excel spreadsheets, but a Title column is a mandatory feature of all SharePoint 2010 lists that may be built to present the spreadsheet data. If a non technical user decides to rename the Title column to ensure that the first column of the spreadsheet does, indeed, appear as the first column of data on the list, the user will be making a mistake that will take time and resources to correct. We ran the following query with Google Search:

error rename title column sharepoint 2010

We were served with 425,000 responses, many of which are excerpted from discussion groups where unfortunate SharePoint users posted difficulties specifically related to this mandatory Title column in the hopes of finding a fix.

In sum, we neither subscribe to the notion that SharePoint is very user friendly, nor do we require user friendliness of this powerful, very full featured computing platform. Rather, we think that any plausible plan for an organization wide implementation of SharePoint 2010 must include a training component for non technical users and, specifically, a plan that fills in all of the potholes like the Title column for lists.

If you subscribe to our view and are grappling with how best to present technical procedures to non technical users, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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