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AvePoint DocAve6 Will Make Enterprise Wide Governance for SharePoint Manageable through Automation

AvePoint’s soon to be released DocAve6 purports to address a pressing need of SharePoint enterprise business & public sector users: how do we automate and hasten the application of governance over SharePoint?

On the surface, establishing governance for SharePoint may seem like an activity that is, at best, of peripheral importance. Dig deeper. Think long and hard about low levels of user adoption within very large corporate environments (with thousands of users who ought, otherwise, to be using SharePoint). Might some silo or silos within the business be actively retarding the spread of SharePoint? You bet. But why? You need look no further to find a plausible reason why than to a familiar list of negative connotations that have been associated in the minds of many a management team with the concept of “unbridled” SharePoint proliferation AKA “let it rip!” –corporate logos displayed inconsistently from site to site; similar documents tagged incorrectly from library to library, and an “eat, breathe, publish approach” that results in risky corporate exposure via unauthorized publication of, you guessed it, potentially questionable material. In short, the thought of unbridled SharePoint proliferation inspires fear in many large firms who, in the interest of self preservation, vigorously impede the progress of SharePoint use throughout the enterprise even after buying the product. Make sense?

Therefore, if DocAve6 lives up to its promise, then the release of this product will be very big news, not to mention a real stimulus, with substantial potential to power much higher levels of user adoption and, therefore, financial payback, otherwise known as ROI. The fact is that establishing enterprise wide governance is widely accepted as the best antidote for unbridled Sharepoint.

AvePoint’s white paper on the raison d’etre for an automated governance solution for SharePoint, authored by respected Microsoft MVP Randy Williams, How to Implement an Effective SharePoint Governance Plan talks to important sticking points for enterprise business users formulating their IT purchasing plans for 2012, including positioning Governance within an enterprise architecture strategy, as Microsoft posits, in the role of defining how business and IT will interact to achieve business goals.

The rest of the white paper provides a neat, broadly scoped “how to” for establishing SharePoint governance that will certainly appeal to enterprise business and public sector users in that the points Williams makes can be used to formulate a near term and future rudimentary governance plan suitable for any size business. Check DocAve6 out, you won’t be wasting your time.

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